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Abaca Digital AIM
Abaca Digital AIM
Abaca Digital AIM
Abaca Digital AIM
Abaca Digital AIM
Abaca Digital AIM

Marketing Automation + Sales Automation + CRM

Abaca Digital AIM

Marketing Automation

Streamline your marketing campaigns across multiple channels to reach your audience more effectively.

Abaca Digital AIM

Sales Automation

Automate critical sales tasks, from lead management to follow-ups, freeing your team to focus on closing deals.

Abaca Digital AIM

Seamless CRM Integration

Centralize customer interactions and data for a unified view of your audience.

Replace multiple Apps with one Platform

Supercharge your marketing and sales with one central platform

Abaca Digital AIM

Abaca AIM

One Central Tool for All Digital Channels

Abaca Digital AIM
Email Marketing
Abaca Digital AIM
Landing Pages
Abaca Digital AIM
Abaca Digital AIM
Abaca Digital AIM
Abaca Digital AIM
Abaca Digital AIM
Analytics & Testing
Abaca Digital AIM
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Abaca Digital AIM
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Over 500+ Customers vouch for us

Hey team Abaca, Greetings from Portland, Oregon. I just wanna take a minute to say thank you for all your hard work, you are amazing.

We used Abaca to migrate to AWS Oracle RDS service. We found that they have Subject MatterExperts in almost all the areas we needed on AWS.

Abaca understands the unique requirements of each client and goes beyond expectations to deliver the best-suited solutions.

If you are looking to hire a company for Social Media Marketing, I would advice that you should definitely hire Abaca.

We can't thank team Abaca enough for the website they have built us and the quality work they delivered within the given time.

Top notch quality work and friendliness is why I chose to work with ABACA. Team Abaca is very knowledgeable and highly motivated to serve. I must say that Abaca is worthy of 5-star rating.

Pricing Plans Tailored for Every Business Need

Our comprehensive plans are designed to offer the best value, ensuring that you have all the necessary features to grow your business



Per Month

  • Key Benefits:
  • • Unlimited Contacts
  • • Unlimited Users
  • • Self Hosted



user / month

  • Key Benefits:
  • • 500000 Contacts
  • • Upto 35 Users
  • AIM



per User / per Month

  • Key Benefits:
  • • 50000 Contacts
  • • Upto 20 Users
  • AIM



user / month

  • Key Benefits:
  • • 5000 Contacts
  • • Upto 10 Users
  • AIM

All Our Plans Include

Access to all features

Unlock Full Potential: Every Feature You Need to Succeed
  • Abaca Digital AIMContact Manager
  • Abaca Digital AIMLead Grading
  • Abaca Digital AIMSmart Emails
  • Abaca Digital AIMWhatsApp Marketing
  • Abaca Digital AIMIntegrations
  • Abaca Digital AIMEmail Templates
  • Abaca Digital AIMSMS Marketing
  • Abaca Digital AIMCustomer Personal
  • Abaca Digital AIMAnalytics & Reporting
  • Abaca Digital AIMZap Integrations
  • Abaca Digital AIMWeb Forms
  • Abaca Digital AIMSocial Posts Calender
  • Abaca Digital AIMCRM
  • Abaca Digital AIMEmail Marketing
  • Abaca Digital AIMDynamic Emails
  • Abaca Digital AIMList Creation
  • Abaca Digital AIMMulti Store
  • Abaca Digital AIMAdmin-Console
  • Abaca Digital AIMWebsite Analytics
  • Abaca Digital AIMWhite Label Branding
  • Abaca Digital AIMBuyer's Journey
  • Abaca Digital AIMWorkflow Automation
  • Abaca Digital AIMWebsite Visitor Tracking
  • Abaca Digital AIMActivity Organiser
  • Abaca Digital AIMCampaigns
  • Abaca Digital AIMWhatsApp Templates
  • Abaca Digital AIMBulk Emails
  • Abaca Digital AIMData Import
  • Abaca Digital AIMRetail Visitor Tracking
  • Abaca Digital AIMSlack Integration
  • Abaca Digital AIMForms Builder
  • Abaca Digital AIMPhone System
  • Abaca Digital AIMRetail Manager
  • Abaca Digital AIMCustom Fields
  • Abaca Digital AIM360 Conversion Analysis
  • Abaca Digital AIMMultiple Pipelines
  • Abaca Digital AIMSales Workflow
  • Abaca Digital AIMTeam Performance
  • Abaca Digital AIMMarketing Efficiency
  • Abaca Digital AIMSales Efficiency

See AIM in action

Abaca AIM automates sales
& marketing efficiently.

Abaca Digital AIM


An enterprise grade CRM with Unlimited users.

Abaca Digital AIM

Lead Management

Capture Leads from all sources centrally.

Abaca Digital AIM

Email Marketing

Create and automate beautiful Email campaigns and automate them.

Abaca Digital AIM

Social Media Management

Schedule Social Posts with an easy calendar based system.

Abaca Digital AIM

WhatsApp Marketing

Automatically Reach out, market and chat with all your potential customers.

Abaca Digital AIM

Landing Page builder

Build Landing pages like a pro without any coding.

Abaca Digital AIM

Calling System

Inbuilt calling system to start your calling process immediately.

Abaca Digital AIM

Analytics & Reporting

Instant data analysis and report generation to inform decisions.

Abaca Digital AIM

Workflow Automation

Automates tasks, boosts efficiency, and reduces errors, enhancing productivity and process reliability.

Blogs & Articles

Know what's trending in the world to keep up and stay a step ahead. Keep up with everything from the latest technological advancements to upcoming trends and developments in the business world.

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