Abaca Digital Aim

Optimize your Sales,
Marketing & Customer
Engagement Strategies

Increase your
Marketing Efficiency

Drive-In Better Traffic

Close More
Deals Faster

Improve Conversion Rate

Build Stronger
Client Relationships

Increase Retention Rate

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Abaca Digital AIM, and
you will too!

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Send Fast Emails to Exclusive Contact Lists with AI-powered Email Marketing Automation using Effective Templates. FIND OUT MORE


Identify and Focus on High-Potential Prospects with AI-driven Lead Grading that assigns leads with scores based on their activity.



Manage all your contacts from all active sources on one Platform. Follow up, take & track timely actions and win more business.



Track Real-Time Activity of your leads throughout the buyer’s journey, trigger actions and interactions for increased chances of conversion.



Create Custom Sales Pipelines and stay updated on where your prospects are in the sales process.


Grow your B2B Business with
Effortless Sales and Marketing Automation

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Manage all your
in One Central

Manage all your contacts from all active sources in one platform, and stay updated on the current status of each one to leave no scope for missed opportunities or delayed follow ups!

Abaca digital Aim
Abaca digital Aim
Abaca digital Aim
Abaca digital Aim
Abaca digital Aim

Convert More
with Better Insights

Know which prospective clients to focus on with Lead Grading and know what they are looking for to take better actions and convert more.

Track your Team's
Progress and Encourage
Better Performance

Monitor your team’s progress using visual reports and encourage better performance with increased visibility and performance analysis.

Abaca digital Aim
Abaca digital Aim
Abaca digital Aim

Easy to Learn and Use Platform

Empower your team to outperform in no time with our easy to learn and
use platform.

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Abaca Digital Aim
Abaca digital Aim
Abaca digital Aim
Abaca digital Aim


Streamline & optimize each stage of the buyer's journey with powerful automation. Track the real-time activity of your leads throughout the journey, trigger strategic actions and interactions for increased chances of conversion.

Powerful Landing Page Builder

You no longer need to be a professional designer or IT Expert to create an effective landing page. With our landing page builder, you can easily create, publish, and optimize landing pages to generate high-potential leads with a higher conversion rate.

Powerful Landing Page Builder
abaca aimWe have been using Abaca Digital AIM for a while now and it has really made a difference for us. It has allowed us to manage our contacts in one place and streamline our marketing strategy. Would definitely recommend it. abaca digital aim
Mr. Bhupinder Kumar

Director, Intersolar

abaca aim The success of any business depends on its ability to build and nurture relationships with customers and prospects. Abaca Digital AIM is a powerful ally in this endeavor, providing businesses with the means to create, manage, and optimize their marketing campaigns with ease. Whether it's sending targeted messages, tracking customer behavior, or measuring campaign performance, Abaca Digital AIM offers a comprehensive solution that saves time and delivers results. abaca aim
Mr. Karandeep Bajaj

Bajaj Travels

abaca aimWe have used Abaca Digital AIM and it's a very reliable platform. It really helped us with us manage our leads and enhance the sales & marketing processes. CRM is a major plus. Kudos to Abaca Digital AIM Team! abaca aim
Mr. Akshat Gupta

Director, Hierographics

Abaca digital Aim

Track your
Clients On the Go

Abaca Digital AIM™ is accessible on your phones so you can get live updates about your prospects and take effective and timely actions.

Progressive Technology for
Futuristic Businesses

Abaca Digital AIM™ is an Enhanced Marketing Automation Platform with Integrated CRM platform built to help you manage all your data and grow your clients, teams, and business by finding your customers online and bringing them to you using Al and Machine Learning.

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