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    Contact Manager
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    Email Marketing
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    Web Forms
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  • Abaca Digital AIM
    Lead Scoring
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    Social Media
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    Website Tracking
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    Workflow Automation
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    Analytics & Reporting
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    Buyer's Journey
  • Abaca Digital AIM
  • Abaca Digital AIM
    Customer Persona
  • Abaca Digital AIM
    Phone System
  • Abaca Digital AIM
    Zap Integrations
  • Abaca Digital AIM
    Digital Branding
  • Abaca Digital AIM
    Retail Footfall &
    Floor Management
  • Abaca Digital AIM
    WhatsApp &
    SMS Marketing
  • Abaca Digital AIM
    Go paperless

Easy Pricing Calculator

Abaca Digital AIM grows as you grow and our pricing depends on the number of users you buy or the number of contacts (customer data ) you would like to save.

No. of users

Number of users refers to the count of individuals or accounts that have access to system

No. of contacts

It refers to the count of unique individuals or entities stored within a system. these contacts typically include customers, clients, leads, prospects, and other individuals with whom a business interacts.

No. of emails

Number of emails in AIM pertains to the quantity of email communications stored within a system. This includes emails exchanged with customers, leads, partners, and others.

For more Users or Contacts please reach out to us
for a specialised enterprise or volume pricing


Extend Abaca Digital AIM's functionality with robust add-ons

Retail Manager

Manage sales, store walk-ins and customer interactions. Supervise multiple stores and salesperson access from a single platform.

Phone System

Enhance client interactions with our advanced Phone System feature. With a single click, easily connect with clients, eliminating the hassle of manual dialing. But that's not all - our Phone System offers real-time note-taking, ensuring no details are missed.

Go Paperless

Replace paper with Digital forms, securely, safely and cost effectively. Redefining Efficiency in a Digital World Imagine a workspace devoid of cluttered paper stacks, overflowing cabinets, and the incessant ruffle of pages. With “Go Paperless,” that’s not just a dream—it’s tomorrow’s reality.

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Product Selections

No. of Users- 1
No. of contacts- 750
No. of emails -

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