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Powerful Reporting to Track and Analyse Sales Activity in Real-time

Monitor your sales health with the best sales pipeline software and track sales goals unique to your business using custom reports. Evaluate your team’s performance based on emails sent, calls made, tasks completed and leads won to spot opportunities for growth.

Powerful Reporting
Get Valuable

Get Valuable Marketing Insights and Make Data-Driven Decisions

Stop flipping through different application interfaces to see how your campaigns performed. The Sales & Marketing Automation dashboard gives you complete visibility of all your marketing performance and helps you recognize winning patterns.

Set your Sales Team up for Success with Whatsapp Integration

Transform WhatsApp into a powerful channel for earning revenue by integrating it into Sales & Marketing Automation Software. Set up WhatsApp message templates and personalize them as you go to accelerate your response time. Use sales client management software to have a conversation that is not one-sided.


Easy to learn
and use platform

Empower your team to outperform in no time with the most user-friendly sales CRM software for small business. Spend less time on learning and more time on selling.

Abaca Digital Aim
create posy on social media

Social Connect: Simplify Your Social Media Management

Social Connect streamlines your social media management by allowing you to post and schedule content across multiple platforms from one centralized dashboard. Connect your accounts effortlessly and share captivating content simultaneously. Schedule posts in advance to maintain a consistent online presence.

Progressive technology for
Futuristic businesses

Abaca Digital AIM is an Enhanced Sales & Marketing Automation Software with Integrated CRM built to help you manage all your data and grow your business. AI-powered sales lead management software to connect all the data from your sales leads and customers, all in one place. A customer lead management software that is engaging, reliable, unique and future-proof.

There are countless
reasons why you should
choose Abaca Digital AIM

Seamlessly integrate Abaca Digital AIM into your business system to capture and convert more leads, increase your team's productivity, and accelerate your growth.

Unified database

Fully Integrated Marketing & Sales Automation

Connected and seamless

One easy-to -learn platform

Unified analytics end-to-end ROI

Unlimited phone support for the entire app

One Central Tool for All Digital Channels

Engage to Foster
Client Relationships

Communicate and engage with your clients better to build and foster prolonged client relationships. A smart CRM lead management software so that you never miss an opportunity.


Send fast emails to exclusive contact lists with AI-powered email marketing automation using effective templates.


Make the most of AIM's mobile accessibility and call clients instantly to create more impact.

Enhance Sales
Process with

Save your team's time and streamline your sales processes with Sales & Marketing Automation CRM software.


Create personalized workflows to map out the buyer's journey & streamline marketing automation. A sales automation CRM to keep you one step ahead of the competition.


Customizable sales email templates that will appeal to your target audience and increase the chances of conversion. Customer lead management software to generate and send emails quickly.


With our landing page builder, you can easily create, publish, and optimize landing pages to generate high-potential leads with a higher conversion rate.


Capture leads directly from your website using our captivating forms that can be deployed easily. Create forms using pre-configured or custom fields with iFrame or HTML.


Create Custom Sales Pipelines with CRM pipeline management and stay updated on where your prospects are in the sales process.


Create WhatsApp message templates in our marketing automation system to reach customers when they want to be reached—and keep them engaged.

Turn Leads
into Deals

Increase your chances of conversion with a systematic and automated CRM for sales and marketing.


Create Multiple Sales Pipelines and stay updated on where all your prospects are in the sales process.


Track all Opportunities for potential sales across the pipelines for more accurate sales forecasting.


Develop, manage and send powerful contracts with the best sales management software to your prospective or existing clients.


Send impactful Quotations to your prospective clients easily using pre-configured templates.

Data is the
New Oil

Data is everything you need. Collect and manage all your data in one place to seize every opportunity.


Manage all your contacts from all active sources on one Platform. Follow up, take & track timely actions and win more business. AIM automatically detects returning leads and displays them at the top of the contact manager.


Track the real-time activity of your leads throughout the Buyer’s Journey, and trigger actions and interactions for increased chances of conversion.


Retail Manager module streamlines retail operations by managing sales, store walk-ins & customers for multiple stores, providing insights into sales data.

AI for Game-Changing

Invest your time and resources wisely by leveraging Artificial Intelligence through sales CRM tools


Identify and focus on high-potential prospects with AI-driven Lead Grading that assigns leads with scores based on their activity.


Make better forecasts and estimate the future revenue accurately so that you can efficiently allocate resources and plan ahead.

Track your Clients
on the Go

Keep up with your contacts with real-time updates and respond instantly.


Get notified when a new lead is added to the contact manager and when any of your assigned leads perform an action for a better response time.


Abaca Digital AIM sales management software is mobile accessible so you can track your clients on the go and stay updated on their real-time activities.

Leverage the
Power of Integrations

Seamlessly integrate various channels into your marketing automation tool and manage everything in one place.


Communicate with your prospective as well as existing clients through a secure channel and get real-time updates about opportunities and leads.


Seamlessly integrate Whatsapp into your AIM sales CRM software for small businesses and reach your prospective clients by using premade WhatsApp templates.


Integrate your Facebook in AIM and view leads from Facebook campaigns directly in your contact manager where you can review, assign and oversee their progress.


Get details of business leads received through IndiaMART directly into your AIM account so that you can follow up with them promptly and never miss out on an opportunity.


AIM offers seamless integration with Zapier, enabling users to automate their workflows and generate leads effortlessly from various third-party platforms.

More Decision-Making

Analyze the current results and predict what is next to make smarter decisions.


Get an insight into how many Leads are being converted into Opportunities and what areas you can work on to increase the chances of conversion.


Monitor your team’s progress and encourage better performance with increased visibility and performance analysis with the best sales CRM for small business.


Get a visual representation of the different stages of the sales process and the expected value you'll get from all opportunities to make better forecasts.


Check and enhance the effectiveness of your emails with a detailed, in-depth overview of who receives, opens, clicks, or reports your sent emails.

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Abaca Digital AIM™ is an Enhanced Marketing Automation Platform with Integrated CRM platform built to help you manage all your data and grow your clients, teams, and business by finding your customers online and bringing them to you using Al and Machine Learning.

It's all about your business, so make it better at every step of the way with a CRM for Sales and Marketing from Abaca.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's everything you might want to know about Abaca Digital AIM

Sales pipeline management helps you to improve your business’s sales pipeline and boost your sales team performance. A well-managed pipeline produces more accurate sales forecasts, lets you identify bottlenecks that have been holding your business back, increase total sales volume and revenue, and adequately allocates and manages resources while letting you effectively monitor the team's progress.

Visual pipelines in CRM pipeline management systems allow you to easily see what deals are in the pipeline, what stage you are at and how close you are to completing them.
The digital era has ushered in and having CRM software is very crucial even for small businesses. Managing relationships with customers is more important than ever, especially if you're a small business that hasn't yet made an impression on its market.

Your CRM should provide you with visibility into the customer from every angle, so you can focus your resources effectively.

The trick to choosing the best CRM for small businesses is to look for a simple platform with a short learning curve, no unnecessary features, and the ability to scale as your business grows.
The best sales management software is the one which meets your business needs perfectly without adding extra overhead and complications.

Our top pick is Abaca digital AIM, based on functionality, affordability and service. It offers AI-powered Lead Management, Sales & Marketing Automation, Sales Forecasting, Sales & Marketing Funnel Optimization, Ads & Social Connect along with secure and easy implementation.

There are many options available in the market when it comes to sales management software. The best option for your team is the one that keeps you organized, focused, and productive.
Any CRM platform worth its salt must have these core features:

1. Contact management and interaction tracking

2. Lead management for tracking and prioritization of sales opportunities (Lead grading)

3. Sales pipeline management for visualization of the business’s sales pipeline

4. Advanced reporting features for easy yet customizable sales reports

5. Documentation management to facilitate storage, indexing, and access customer documents

6. Sales performance monitoring and analytics

7. Sales Automation with custom workflows to automate processes that do not require any user interaction

8. User experience: Easy to learn and use platform

9. Artificial intelligence (AI) for effectively providing a virtual assistant that can perform data entry, pull reports, and interact with leads

10. Mobile Access powered by responsive design for smartphones and tablets

11. Collaboration and teamwork feature to facilitate internal communication

12. Email integration to launch drip campaigns, customize templates, and create effective email campaigns

Simply put marketing automation means using software to automate and manage the marketing processes of multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels. Using marketing automation, businesses can reach customers across email, web, social media, and text messages.

Manual, repetitive tasks are part of our daily lives: reminders, follow-ups, reports, email drafting, etc. Even though these tasks aren't difficult, they take your focus away from more meaningful tasks that will have a greater impact on your business.

Marketing automation tools allow you to automate those manual processes once and then forget about them. You can keep your automated campaigns running in the background while you focus on your big projects.
Automate your sales and marketing needs with help of a CRM sales management platform. An all-inclusive platform nullifies the tedious paperwork and repetitive manual tasks.

Leveraging end-to-end sales and marketing automation technology with integrated CRM allows you to manage, nurture and convert more leads.

Also using multiple platforms to manage your different operations like emails, customer service, lead nurturing, social media management, and sales monitoring can slow down your functioning and even carries a bigger danger of missing out on some information.

You can solve this problem by automating the sales and marketing process with an all-inclusive Sales and Marketing Automation Platform.

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