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9 CRM Pipeline Management Tools That Will Run the Show in 2023

9 CRM Pipeline Management Tools That Will Run the Show in 2023

Want to close sales like a pro and be a sales superstar?

The first step to becoming a sales superstar is identifying the best opportunities. You can gain an edge in this by leveraging CRM Pipeline management tools.

CRM Pipeline management is an essential tool for any salesperson. It provides a visual representation of your sales process, from initial contact through closing the deal. Investing in a sales CRM is worth every penny for small to large businesses alike.

Here is a list of the best sales pipeline management tools, along with the salient features that make them users’ favorite.

9 CRM Pipeline Management Tools to Ease Your Daily Life

Our respondents, recommend the following CRM platforms for managing a sales pipeline:

1. AIM

AIM offers comprehensive sales automation CRM for sales teams. It gives a salesperson everything they require to get high-quality leads, have contextual chats, close deals using AI-powered insights, and develop long-lasting client connections.

By automating the sales process, AIM gives sales teams more time for selling and boosts their everyday productivity and efficiency. With AI, salespeople can get insights into the best deals to go after and what actions to take and predict revenue with sales forecasting. Businesses can take the next step forward toward powerful pipeline management with AIM.

Its functionality extends to creating landing pages, web forms, and custom reporting.

2 . Zapier

Zapier is a cloud-based automation pipeline software product. With Zapier, users can automate repetitive tasks, such as transferring data from one app to another or triggering a certain action based on events in another app.

Zapier is known for its integrations. Calendly, Zoom, Quickbooks, BambooHR, Trello, and more than 5,000 other apps are supported right out of the box. Even better, you may use your web browser to build a unique integration for their platform.

3 . EngageBay

Marketing, customer care, and sales pipeline software are all combined in EngageBay. Companies employ it to obtain, connect, nurture, and turn leads into consumers. It provides a comprehensive set of pipeline capabilities, such as lead generation, contact, and customer relationship management, social media marketing, email marketing, and lead capture.

This CRM pipeline management software is ideal for small businesses that want to automate their marketing and sales processes.

One of the best features of EngageBay is that it assists you in engaging (ahem, hence the name) leads at each stage by sending the appropriate email, presentation, and proposal at the appropriate moment.

4 . Streak

Streak is a CRM pipeline software designed to be used within Gmail. Streek promises to allow you to manage leads at every stage of your pipeline without ever leaving your inbox.

You read it right!

There are multiple in-built tools available to help you close more offers, including analytics, email, deal tracking, client management, and developing and monitoring sales pipeline stages. Users can also attach files and notes to each contact record to prevent the loss of crucial information.

Streak also provides a variety of features, including email templates and integrated task management, to enhance the sales success of your team. To help you spot trends and focus on the leads that require your attention or are almost ready to close, it even includes data visualizations.

5 . Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a pipeline management system that gives salespeople tools for lead generation, lead enrichment, and sales intelligence. Pipedrive makes it simple to see each deal’s status in the process as well as who is in charge of what.

Numerous sales funnel KPIs may be seen clearly thanks to flexible data visualization options, and the software includes a long list of functionalities like email integration, task automation, and reporting. The best part is that Pipedrive gives managers complete supervision of the entire sales process while also encouraging transparency and collaboration among team members.

6 . Capsule

Using the Capsule sales pipeline, get an overview of each opportunity’s status, position in the pipeline, and next steps. Track each potential sale, handle it with a visible sales funnel, and customize each workflow with multiple pipelines.

Based on the probability and opportunity values, Capsule helps you forecast your sales. Additionally, you can monitor the conversion rate over the previous year and access statistics about the sales pipeline, summaries, and future sales estimates on one simple dashboard.

You will receive tools like opportunity filtering, pipeline dashboards, visual pipelines, and sales pipelines, among others. Reduce your workload by automating a series of tasks.

7 . Bitrix24

Get the free CRM system from Bitrix24 and the tools for managing your sales pipeline connected to the CRM to deliver comprehensive analytics. You only need to establish sales procedures, transaction phases, and leads; everything else will be taken care of automatically.

You can find out how many leads are turned into customers by looking at the win ratio data. By using pipeline analysis, you may find bottlenecks and make the necessary improvements. Free templates are also available for the stages of sales, quoting, and billing.

Create automation rules to keep your operations running even throughout the weekend and on holidays.

8 . Keap

With Keap’s effective sales pipeline management, you can close more leads. Use its drag-and-drop sales pipeline to move and close deals more quickly and to know the status of every deal in one location. Utilize the Keap Management tool to keep organized and save a tonne of time instead of flipping through the spreadsheets.

Set up automated actions and follow-ups to handle fresh leads through the sales funnel and to get accurate pipeline data and insights into sales performance.

Additionally, you will receive information on the average deal duration, average time, average deal revenue forecasting, and deal conversions by stage. Increase your sales process while saving up to 10 hours each week.

9 . Zoho CRM Plus

You probably recognize Zoho CRM Plus’s vivid and fun logo even if you’ve never used it. Its ability to provide a pretty comprehensive overview of the client experience, from initial contact to post-purchase follow-up, has helped it establish a strong reputation in the pipeline software market. It provides omnichannel assistance, sales and marketing automation, and typical contact management tools.

Small businesses and large corporations like ZEE5, Agoda, and Delta Air Lines all use Zoho CRM Plus. It comes in cloud-based and on-premises versions.

Which pipeline software should you start with?

Start with a solution that helps your team in managing their deals and prospects. It should let salespeople keep track of their interactions and activities with prospects, determine which ones are prepared to make a purchase, and project future sales.

You should find the above information on sales pipelines useful in managing your sales process more effectively. Therefore, pick a sales pipeline software product depending on your needs and budget in order to generate more leads and turn them into paying customers.

AIM offers a budget-friendly yet fully-featured CRM pipeline management platform that is scalable as your business grows.