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  • Is your Digital Strategy
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    your advertisement money
    with no results?

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    help from?

  • Want to restart with a clear
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  • Want to analyse and see what’s
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abaca Digital AIM

Abaca Digital AIM

Let us empower your campaigns with our AI-driven marketing automation technology and start generation quality leads immediately.

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All in One AI-Driven Platform

Abaca Digital AIM
  • abaca Digital AimSmart Emails
  • abaca Digital AimWhatsApp Marketing
  • abaca Digital AimWebsite
  • abaca Digital AimSocial Media
  • abaca Digital AimWeb Forms
  • abaca Digital AimSMS Marketing

Stop wasting Marketing Money and Get Everything you need
to increase your ROI.

No need to learn new technology. Start generating quality leads quickly.
Our consulting team will provide campaign execution support and hold your hand all the way.

abaca Digital AIM

Give your Sale team the
tools for their success.

Let marketing and Sales teams work together to Generate more leads and convert them to Sales using Abaca Digital AIM.

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Empowering Sales team with
Next Generation Tools

Abaca Digital AIM
  • abaca Digital AimCRM
  • abaca Digital AimAnalytics & Reporting
  • abaca Digital AimWebsite Visitor Tracking
  • abaca Digital AimMulti Location Attendance
  • abaca Digital AimWorkflow Automation
  • abaca Digital AimSales Tracking


Start Generating Quality Sales Now


All Key Features

  • Abaca Digital AIMContact Manager
  • Abaca Digital AIMBuyer's Journey
  • Abaca Digital AIMWeb Forms
  • Abaca Digital AIMForms Builder
  • Abaca Digital AIMLead Grading
  • Abaca Digital AIMWorkflow Automation
  • Abaca Digital AIMSocial Posts Calender
  • Abaca Digital AIMPhone System
  • Abaca Digital AIMSmart Emails
  • Abaca Digital AIMWebsite Visitor Tracking
  • Abaca Digital AIMCRM
  • Abaca Digital AIMRetail Foot fall & Floor Manager
  • Abaca Digital AIMWhatsApp Marketing
  • Abaca Digital AIMActivity Organiser
  • Abaca Digital AIMEmail Marketing
  • Abaca Digital AIMCustom Fields
  • Abaca Digital AIMIntegrations
  • Abaca Digital AIMCampaigns
  • Abaca Digital AIMDynamic Emails
  • Abaca Digital AIM360 Conversion Analysis
  • Abaca Digital AIMEmail Templates
  • Abaca Digital AIMWhatsApp Templates
  • Abaca Digital AIMList Creation
  • Abaca Digital AIMMultiple Pipelines
  • Abaca Digital AIMSMS Marketing
  • Abaca Digital AIMBulk Emails
  • Abaca Digital AIMMulti Store
  • Abaca Digital AIMSales Workflow
  • Abaca Digital AIMCustomer Persona
  • Abaca Digital AIMData Import
  • Abaca Digital AIMAdmin-Console
  • Abaca Digital AIMTeam Performance
  • Abaca Digital AIMAnalytics & Reporting
  • Abaca Digital AIMRetail Visitor Tracking
  • Abaca Digital AIMWebsite Analytics
  • Abaca Digital AIMMarketing Efficiency
  • Abaca Digital AIMZap Integrations
  • Abaca Digital AIMSlack Integration
  • Abaca Digital AIMWhite Label Branding
  • Abaca Digital AIMSales Efficiency
abaca Digital AIM

Data Security: Our Top Priority

Abaca Digital AIM features stringent Oracle data security measures, ensuring your valuable information is always protected. Rest easy knowing that your data is secure as you drive successful digital marketing campaigns with our trusted tool.

Our Prestigious Clients who have seen the success
using Abaca Digital AIM Platform

Abaca Digital AIM
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