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Marketing Automation - Benefits, Implementation & Much More - AbacaAIM

Marketing Automation – Benefits, Implementation & Much More – AbacaAIM

Want to know how marketing automation can benefit your business and how it’s implemented? No worries!

Go through this detailed blog for all the answers to your questions. Let’s begin.

What is marketing automation?

As the name suggests, marketing automation involves automating repetitive marketing tasks/activities with the help of software platforms & technologies. It can be implemented on varied channels to enhance marketing efficiency and foster an organization’s relationship with customers & users.

Marketing automation software platforms essentially help marketing departments & companies to market their products/services on various online channels in a productive and engaging manner. These platforms can usually be controlled via a single all-in-one comprehensive dashboard, and they store all the user data & outcomes of specific actions.

For instance, marketing automation solutions are available in the market for social media marketing, e-commerce, SMS marketing, email marketing, analytics, etc.

How to implement marketing automation?

There exist 2 primary categories of marketing automation which can be implemented to assist a marketing team in being more efficient & productive.

The first one is Internal Marketing Automation, which automates internal marketing activities like reporting on recent marketing activity, cleaning data stored in the CRM system, etc. Similarly, External Marketing Automation involves automating external marketing tasks.

The simplest part of implementing marketing automation is generally the installation and setting up of the software. The actual difficulty arises when it comes to making the best use of marketing automation software, which typically necessitates having great data.

Benefits of marketing automation software

Helping build workflows and connecting tasks together, marketing automation software can provide a wide array of benefits including:

  • Boosting efficiency & productivity
  • Creating a personalized marketing strategy
  • Alignment of marketing & sales
  • Rise in conversion rate
  • Precise reporting
  • Lead scoring
  • Effective lead nurturing
  • Data management
  • Scalable processes


Marketing automation, when done right, can be a real shot in the arm for companies in terms of making their team more efficient, enabling employees to invest their time in the most important tasks, etc.

For extensive information about marketing automation, feel free to contact our in-house experts!


1) What is the goal of marketing automation?

Marketing automation helps save the valuable time of marketers by cutting down on manual, repetitive tasks. It also helps deliver a personalized experience to customers & website visitors.

2) What are marketing automation strategies?

Marketing automation strategies comprise automatic workflows as part of their mechanism, helping provide personalized content to users, acquire & engage leads, optimize marketing time & track results.