What's in it for you?

Gain and retain more clients by extending Abaca Digital AIM to them and helping them grow.

Expand your

Increase your revenue from new as well as existing customers with your expanded offering.

Empower your

Equip your clients with a Next-Gen Sales & Marketing Automation Technology with in-built CRM, and enable them to grow.

Generate Higher

Increase your capabilities and boost your ROI by helping more clients reach their growth goals.

Build Lasting Client

When you help your clients grow, they're bound to stay. Offer them Abaca Digital AIM on top of your existing services..

Ready to

Here's what you need to do!


Get in touch with us to know more about Abaca Digital AIM and discuss the successful future of our partnership.


Once you are convinced about the Partnership, which you will be, we will sign a contract to officially collaborate.


Expand your expertise, empower your clients with a great, and grow with us on your side!

Abaca Digital AIM will Sell Itself, all you need to do is offer it!

Add value to your clients' business by offering them Abaca Digital AIM, the enhanced Marketing Automation Platform with an Integrated CRM that'll sell itself.

Who can you offer it to?
Literally Every Industry.

Let's Partner up already!

Abaca Digital AIM will be a great addition to your offerings, and your clients will thank you for introducing it to them. It will help you AND your clients grow and achieve greater business goals!

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