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With Retail Manager, your retail business gains a powerful tool to
enhance efficiency and customer management.

User access

Users can access the system with specific roles such as Admin, Store Manager, or Store Salesperson, ensuring precise control and access rights for each team member.

Abaca Digital Aim
Abaca Digital Aim

Effortless Customer
Information Input

Our system simplifies customer data input. Receptionists and store employees can effortlessly collect and securely store customer information, including names, email addresses, and phone numbers. This creates a comprehensive record of customer interactions for future reference.

Efficient Ticket

Retail Manager streamlines ticket assignments. Available store salespeople can efficiently manage their tasks, accepting, reassigning, rejecting, or excluding tickets as needed. This ensures a balanced workload for your sales team and seamless customer service.

Abaca Digital Aim
Abaca Digital Aim

Sales Process

Our system optimizes the sales process. When a salesperson accepts a ticket, they take responsibility for the customer. After serving the customer, they have options such as recording a sale, noting a non-sale with reasons, capturing customer information for potential future sales, or excluding the ticket if the visitor isn't a potential customer.

Stay Informed About
Daily Sales

Retail Manager helps you stay informed about your daily sales performance. Simply select a date on the calendar to access the total sales for that specific day. This feature provides valuable insights to keep you on top of your business performance.

Abaca Digital Aim
Abaca Digital Aim

Retail Insights

Gain valuable retail insights with AIM's sales section : Analyze reports and graph based on Retail Manager data, Explore Visitors Behaviors and Acquisitions.

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Discover valuable insights about your retail operations, including visitor numbers, average time spent in-store, and salespeople's performance metrics. With Retail Manager in AIM, experience efficiency and clarity in managing your retail business. Seamlessly capture customer data, make informed decisions, and stay in control. Join us today and elevate your retail experience!