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What are the Most Important Features of Sales CRM for Small Business?

What are the Most Important Features of Sales CRM for Small Business?

Are you a small business looking to bring a sales automation CRM into your workflow?

There may be a good chance that you are overestimating your CRM needs after looking at all the features offered by the big players in the field.

So, what are the most important features of sales CRM for small businesses?

The best CRM sales management platform is one that has just enough features to keep you organized, focused, and productive. (without drowning you!)

There are obviously a number of advantages to CRM implementation. However, several businesses are unaware of the benefits of making the most of sales CRM software for small business.

According to a study, 22% of sales professionals are still uncertain of what a CRM is, and 43% of CRM users only use less than half of their system’s features.

So let’s get started with what is a sales CRM and what are the best features of sales CRM software for small business.

What is sales automation CRM?

A sales management software or automation CRM lets you automate crucial but repetitive, manual tasks to streamline processes and improve productivity. It consolidated the data, oversees the buyer’s journey, and facilitates communication while directing future sales in various stages as its core functions.

The best sales CRM software let you filter incoming sales opportunities and track them across the different stages of the buyer’s journey until they are finally closed as won or lost.

It is your ticket out of the messy world of spreadsheets.

The most important features of sales CRM software for small businesses

1. Customizable Reports

A CRM system serves as a central repository for client information. It assists companies in gathering consumer data and downloads personalised reports from the CRM application. With AIM, customise existing reports’ basic parameters, filters, and metrics to focus on the information that matters.

Forecast Reports for managing the pipeline and running sales projections. Get sorted and schedulable ad hoc reports or standard reports. Additionally, reports can be opened on your screen, downloaded as a data file for additional analysis, or saved as a PDF.

2. Seamless Integration

Everyday business operations require CRM integrations with multiple third-party systems and tools. Now, small businesses can avoid data migration and opt for CRM software that streamlines data transmission. Through integrations, your sales CRM for small business can arrange and automatically get the required data.

You may reduce sales cycles and improve communication by pulling marketing data from various sources through appropriate integrations.

3. Workflow Automation

Creating reports, sending emails, launching marketing campaigns, and managing pipelines are just a few of the daily sales and marketing activities. Every workstream can be readily automated using a CRM platform.

A best CRM sales management enables sales representatives to send meeting invitations, mark them as completed, and assign leads based on factors like lead source, deal size, location, etc. to ensure quicker closings and easier communication.

Workflow automation makes sure that reminders are automatically set up for particular actions to ensure that the correct follow-up action is taken in the future.

4. Data Security and Access Control

By providing insights into your deals, your sales team’s performance, and revenue, a CRM enables you to make data-driven decisions. However, the information that is saved includes sensitive and vulnerable customer and business information. When employing Abaca Digital AIM, make sure you have the maximum level of security. Its user management function controls multiple degrees of access for CRM users. It determines the actions a user can or cannot take and which users can add users and create custom data fields at the account level.

5. Lead Management

Setting up a sales CRM, frees up so much time that sales reps can catch up with their deals with ease. It helps them analyze deals by pipeline stages to understand where they stand versus their set targets. Every sales team needs to understand the loopholes in their sales lifecycle. A CRM tool like AIM can simply help your sales team understand the important actions, key data points, and sales cues to look at. Also, understand why a deal was lost and the un-qualification reasons.

The best CRM sales management tool identifies and focuses on high-potential prospects with AI-driven Lead Grading that assigns leads with scores based on their activity.

6. Customer Interaction tracking

Complete customer Interaction tracking so that each customer has more than simply their contact information. Keep a record of every conversation your sales representatives and customer support staff have with clients. This enables you to monitor every phase of your customer’s journey, including their communication with you over the phone, email, and other channels.

Analyze information from customer interactions and communications to decide when and how best to go out to customers with a pitch for a new product or service in order to close the deal.

7. Easy to use

If you are a first-time user of a CRM, opt for sales CRM software for small business that is user-friendly and intuitive. CRM systems aren’t meant to make things more complicated; they’re meant to streamline workflow and automate an existing sales process. Empower your team to outperform in no time with AIM, the most user-friendly sales CRM software for small businesses. Reduce your time spent learning and devote it to selling.

What’s next? #AbacaDigitalAIM

First-time small and mid-size business users should focus on contact management features, creating a database of information that can be accessed by everyone across the organization. Then they should look into expanding their CRM features into areas that will benefit them, such as analytics and reporting or email marketing, but it’s best to start with the basics.

The AIM sales management software allows growing businesses to seamlessly transition from spreadsheets to cloud-based pipeline management. Ensure that every prospect has a smooth journey from lead to the customer by nurturing your sales pipeline.

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